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Soviet Budapest

First a tiny bit of history, so don’t run away! Everyone knows that the major axis powers during WWII were Germany, Italy and Japan. But we tend to get a little fuzzy when it comes to the minor players. Hungary, along with Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Thailand were the minor axis powers. Finland and Iraq […]

“Dracula” Budapest

Dracula’s Chamber Interestingly enough, the House of Terror wasn’t the only creepy place in Budapest. While Seth and I were walking around in Buda, we stumbled on a sign: My Husband Doesn’t my husband look excited? Map of Subterranean Tunnels And here we are with a map of the subterranean tunnels and rooms. The Labyrinth […]

Old Age

One of my summer to-do tasks was to begin blogging regularly, but I was hijacked by a family obligation. I was always close to my maternal grandparents, who in my youngest memories ran a small dairy farm, and in later years raised beef cattle. My grandfather passed away six or seven years ago, and since […]


My husband and I spent one evening and one full day in Budapest. Part of our visit included a walking tour on the Buda side of the Danube, which is the preferred side. Unsurprisingly, Pest is found on the other side of the river! The Hungarians love color and ornamentation, as was apparent in their […]

Top 10 Reasons Downtown Twin Falls is the Place to be this Friday!

Top 10 Reasons Downtown Twin Falls is the Place to be this Friday! 10. It’s First Friday! 9. Oktoberfest kicks off at 5pm! 8. Design 125 is partnering with Magic Valley Arts Council & Full Moon Pop-Up Gallery to showcase amazing local artists! 7. Wine & Design Party 5-8 pm at Design 125! 6. Our […]

“First Friday”

Longtime residents of Twin Falls may remember that the Magic Valley Arts Council was originally located in downtown Twin Falls, in the Main Street Plaza. As such, they were original participants of “First Friday”. Carolyn White, Executive Director of the Magic Valley Arts Council reminisced about the old days when people would visit Rudy’s for […]

Travel Pug

My husband and I spent a good bit of our married years in the Midwest—Kansas and Oklahoma, on the eastern side of both states. While we enjoyed living in the Midwest, we found the climate to be overly humid and the mountains to be on the small side. We both wanted to live in a […]

“Don’t you dare do this to me again!”

I am heading away on a much-needed vacation! I have been taking business classes at CSI in addition to working at Design 125 (and I continue with on online course through the summer), and I managed to overload myself during the spring term. My entire existence was school, study, work, sleep, repeat! I was so […]

The Beginning

I am excited to announce that I will be writing and occasionally videoing a weekly blog for Design 125! I suspect that writing the blogs will be easy compared with doing a video or vlog as I have heard my kids refer to them. However, I suspect that it’s like most things –practice makes perfect, […]