Dracula’s Chamber

Interestingly enough, the House of Terror wasn’t the only creepy place in Budapest. While Seth and I were walking around in Buda, we stumbled on a sign:

My Husband

Doesn’t my husband look excited?

Map of Subterranean Tunnels

And here we are with a map of the subterranean tunnels and rooms. The Labyrinth is a little over ½ mile, and can be walked in about ½ hour. There is a free area (which is all we had time for) and a paid area, which is where, I’m sure, all the cool stuff is.


This is my photo of a photo, showing one of the larger chambers.


This is my photo of one of the tunnels, and you can see that they even have some tables set up, so they can torture people with meetings. Haha!


I’m not sure what this was. There wasn’t much explanation given in the free public areas of the caves.


Regrettably, we didn’t have time to visit the actual cell where Count Dracula, AKA Vlad the Impailer, AKA The Vampire of Havasalfold, was imprisoned after King Matthias captured him in Transylvania.