Travel Pug

My husband and I spent a good bit of our married years in the Midwest—Kansas and Oklahoma, on the eastern side of both states. While we enjoyed living in the Midwest, we found the climate to be overly humid and the mountains to be on the small side. We both wanted to live in a place with more variety of altitude, with hiking and backpacking and winter sports. We knew we wanted to move to Idaho, but first we had to go to Rochester, NY, for my husband’s training at the University of Rochester. While we were there we took up geocaching , which was then a brand new hobby category (awkward!).

One fun thing we did back in 2003 was release a couple of Travel Pugs with trackable tags. One of them, Travel Pug 2 was quite the world traveler.

Bearing this in mind, I found a small pug plushy in one of my daughters’ rooms, and christened him Travel Pug. He will be going with us to Europe, and he might be showing up in our photos.